Our Faculty

Our Faculty

The strength of Mount Litera Zee School, Barh lies in its foundation stones – the Faculty members!

We are humbled to be hosting a world-class team of professional faculty members who are not limited to classroom teaching and walk an extra mile to facilitate the overall growth of the children. A professional approach envelopes MLZS, Barh.

Most of our teachers are continuously involved in evolving their methods and strategies by attending integrated workshops and seminars. Discussions at staff meetings and roundtables amongst others are designed to result in effective implementation of teaching methods and techniques, so evolved.

Many of our teachers also serve as a resource person providing consultancy and special workshops which leads to the enhancement of their learning and also help bring in fresh ideas from outside. The MLZS faculty have been the guest lecturers at Prestigious institutions like the CBSE, DIET, British Council among

Employee’s Name Designation
Dr. Padmalay Dash Choudhury Principal
Ms. Sonali Roy Coordinator
Mr. Bijay Kumar Coordinator
Dr. Sumita Ojha Coordinator
Ms Kumari Sangeeta PGT
Md. Ajmaul Hoque PTI
Mr. Abhinandan Kumar PRT
Mr. Abhishek Jha PGT
Mr. Anuj Kumar TGT
Mr. Ashish Ranjan TGT
Mr. Chandi Charan Jha PRT
Mr. Debajyoti Roy TGT
Mr. Dharamvir Singh Yadav PTI
Mr. Parameshwar Thakur TGT
Mr. Sandipan Das PGT
Mr. Saptarshi Basu PGT
Mr. Sayed Akhtar TGT
Mr. Shambhu Kumar TGT
Mr. Shib Proshad Pramanik PGT
Mr. Shiva Kant Shaw PRT
Mr. Shyamakant Ojha Librarian
Mr. Subrata Das TGT
Mr. Sumitangshu Doyshi PRT
Mr. Tanbir Alam PRT
Mr. Tapan Kumar Singh PGT
Mr. Tapas Kumar Garain TGT
Mrs. Madhu PRT
Ms Freeda Manuel NTT
Ms Suchitra Tripathi NTT
Ms. Anamika Sinha TGT
Ms. Anandita Pathak TGT
Ms. Anju Sharma PGT
Ms. Arpita Bhattacharjya TGT
Ms. Arpita Maity TGT
Ms. Asmita Rani NTT
Ms. Babli Roy PGT
Ms. Kumari Aparna PRT
Ms. Maria Sahaya Roshini PRT
Ms. Mona Sinha PGT
Ms. Neema Ranjita Bara PRT
Ms. Neha Kumari Counsellor
Ms. Nidhi Raj TGT
Ms. Piyali Basu Special Educator
Ms. Pooja Kumari Ojha PRT
Ms. Pratima Kumari Yadav PRT
Ms. Rajina Marandi NTT
Ms. Rashmi Ranjana TGT
Ms. Samriddhi NTT
Ms. Saraswati Kumari TGT
Ms. Sonia Chowdhury TGT
Ms. Sujata Kumari PGT
Ms. Suman Gupta PRT
Ms. Sweta Singh TGT
Ms. Sweta Roy PRT
Ms. Vicky Kumari Shaw PRT