Key Features That Makes Mount Litera Zee School, Barh Unique

A good school plays an important role in shaping the future of the students. Students who complete their schooling from a reputed institution find it easy to secure good positions in the competitive exams. Mount Litera ZEE School, Barh, one of the best schools in Bihar has an impressive standard of education as it aims to frame the students with valuable morals and competitive attitudes to achieve career goals. What else makes it stand out? Read on to know the school’s key features that make it the best educational institute in Bihar. 

Teaching Methodology

Mount Litera ZEE School, Barh stands out from the crowd due to the interesting teaching methodology. The experienced teachers do not pressurize the students but rather help them to complete their homework. The mentors organize sudden mock tests to understand the growth of each pupil. During this lockdown period, this eminent institution has arranged online classes so that the students can continue their learning. The teachers are also experts in handling the techniques of digital classroom applications. 

Dedicated Mentors 

Without professionally dedicated mentors it is next to impossible to have educational growth. Starting from experienced yoga teachers to computer experts, Mount Litera ZEE School, Barh has appointed high-profile mentors to give a bright future to the tutees. The school has more than one mentor for each subject. The teachers are indeed the backbone of Mount Litera ZEE School, Barh. 

Education Opportunities 

Unlike other schools in Bihar, Mount Litera Zee School, Barh is affiliated to CBSE and offers various educational opportunities. For instance:

  • It has a library with both national and international books
  • It offers yoga classes to the students. For this, the students wear the appropriate uniforms 
  • It has a computer lab where the students can learn about technology

Unfortunately, during this lockdown period, the school authority is unable to offer these facilities to the students. Despite this, the way the institute has been carrying out the online classes for its students is commendable. 

Exceptional Results 

It goes without saying that Mount Litera ZEE School, Barh has been witnessing outstanding results for the past few years. This year, in 2020, Riya Kumari and Suhani Sharma have scored 94.2% and 94.2% marks respectively in the CBSE board exam. The rest of the students have also done well and have scored 85% marks in the exam. If you want your kids to do well in the board exams then it would be wise to download the school admission form and take admission to Mount Litera ZEE School, Barh. 

Dedicated Online Coaching 

Mount Litera ZEE School gives importance to the crucial exams like JEE Mains and CPT. Hence, the online coaching classes help to guide the pupils so that they can prepare well for the competitive exams. The teachers of Mount Litera ZEE School, Barh realize how challenging these exams can be and hence are always there to give mental support to the students. 

Amicable Ambiance 

The school has a wide ground that is perfect for the physical and mental growth of the students. Apart from that, the large classrooms with open windows offer a perfect ambiance for education. The huge school campus is very attractive and has a wide space for enjoying physical education classes. If you want an exceptional standard of education for your child then Mount Litera ZEE School, Barh is the school for you. To take admission contact the school authorities and download the school admission form.

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