4 Reasons That Led To Brilliant Results Of Students in 10th CBSE Board Exams At Mount Litera Zee School, Barh

Mount Litera Zee School, Barh has charted an incredible success story with two ties for the top spot. Both Riya Kumari and Suhani Sharma have scored 94% marks in the Class X exams from our school. The question that’s been asked by education experts is the recipe behind our achievement. Let’s take a look at the factors to understand our success story. 

Brilliant Teachers as Perfect Mentors

Teachers are the shapers of a child’s future. So, it’s essential to recruit the best faculty to shape the career of students. Our excellent faculty has experience and knowledge to guide the students. Our teaching faculty: 

  • Builds positive bonds with the students
  • Are patient, caring, and kind towards each student
  • Well acquainted with the difficulties faced by slow learners and creates an environment to shape their cognitive faculties
  • Are passionate about teaching 
  • Have considerable experience in the teaching line – some have an experience of more than 10 years
  • Offers simple explanations for difficult chapters and motivates the students to learn
  • Holds regular meetings with parents and involves them in school activities

Students are Helped to Develop Accuracy and Speed 

We discourage private coaching as it overburdens the student. We understand board exams have stiff competition and we prepare the students accordingly, without stressing them out. Our teachers revise the previous year’s question papers before the board exams and take regular mock tests. These mock tests are held in an exam-like environment which builds their speed and accuracy. It also helps to:

  • Understand the difficulty level of questions
  • Discover the genuine way of scoring marks
  • Improve student accuracy
  • Build their confidence and helps them to secure excellent marks

Our brilliant results have proved that our study methodologies help students be successful without setting foot at private coaching centers. 

First-Rate Infrastructure With an Open-Minded Culture

We shape leaders of tomorrow and our campus reflects our taste. We encourage open communication and students are free to express their personal thoughts. We shape the future through discipline and communication, and we inspire creativity. Our students don’t just top exams, they also excel in extracurricular activities. We walk the extra mile to help our students take the best step forward towards a brighter future. We offer:

  • 360 flexible learning opportunities to shape our student’s future
  • State of the art classrooms with LED dashboards, and an open sitting pattern
  • Weekly debates and quiz contests
  • Develop extracurricular activities with sports, dance, and music
  • A well-staffed library with the latest journals and periodicals
  • A fully equipped medical facility ensuring student safety
  • Transport facilities for all students

Holistic Approach to Learning

Mount Litera Zee School, Barh takes a holistic approach to learning which isn’t restricted to textbooks. We ensure that students get access to the best reference books before their board exams. For this, we have tied up with various top literary arts and science journal societies to ensure the best results. We will surely not rest on our laurels but advance forward with more zeal. This year our students at Barh have made us proud. We will continue to work hard for the dreams of our future leaders. We will always strive to shape the future of your child with the best-integrated learning approach and august guidance from our illuminated faculty. You can visit our school website https://mountliterabarh.com/# and get information about our activities.

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