Welcome to Print Mart India Ltd.

Print Mart India Ltd. A lot has happened since it was founded by a team of dedicated & honest entrepreneurs on 24th September 2008.

We are achieving a great level of outreach in the field of Printing, Packaging, Advertising, Corp. Gifts and Digital Marketing in all forms by our trained, excelled team members and high quality of machineries.

We are always at our best in customer satisfaction with delights. More than a thousand customers have been added along our milestones and day by day, our growing customer bases has given us pride to serve more better.

Print Mart India Ltd. has extended its services throughout the country and abroad.

As Print Mart INC. at Houston, USA by starting of our services have added a golden feather in our cap.


Experience, Expertise & Determination

“Print Mart India Ltd.” is founded by Mukul Singh on the faith to create a platform on which our customers are delighted with finest & unique combination of physical & digital marketing.

Mukul has started a proprietorship firm 4th May 2003 and started working with only 5 employees. On 24th September 2008, he incorporated the company by the name of Print Mart India Pvt. Ltd. In the course of time, Print Mart India has some of the top customers across all verticals in India like Healthcare, Telecom, Electronics, NGOs, Governments & many more added to the company.

chairman Mukul Singh, Founder

On 4th October 2017, the company converted to a Public Ltd. Company with more than 1,000 happy customer & 50+ employees.

Why Print Mart is Different

“Print Mart India Ltd.” is a useful platform for all type of Clients Small, Medium & Large, because it is a unique Combination of Physical & Digital Marketing format. The Company has its own set up of Offset, Flex, Binding & Fabrication as well as company has digital capabilities with its sister concern ‘NorthMetric’ for Digital Marketing services like Marketing & Sales Strategy, Content & Social, E-Mail, Audio, Video, ASO, CMM, SEO, user experience Design and more.


Our Sister Concerns

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